Yoga types

Spine Yoga

At the spinal yoga classes, tribal muscles (back muscles, abdominal muscles, pectoral muscles) and hip muscles are in the focus of movement, which can be easily performed by beginners. Strengthening and stretching exercises help the body gain strength, improve posture, and become more powerful.

Stress-relieving yoga

Stress-relieving yoga can experience exercises that help relieve tension in the muscles and joints. With breathing and concentration exercises and systematic relaxation of the body, we promote not only the physical body but also the mind relaxation. We cannot protect you from stress situations, but you can learn exercises that will help you deal with everyday stress.

Hatha Yoga

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Female yoga

Female Yoga uses the practice of hatha yoga to preserve and restore women's health. We do exercises that strengthen the muscles of the dam, the vagina, the pelvis, the back, the abdomen, and relax, dissolve the tensions and blocks accumulated in the hip area. There are no witches' hours, no rules, so you can practice your current mental and physical state.