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Barbara Csongrádi

Spine Yoga, Hatha Yoga & Yoga Flow Instructor, Feminine Instructor, Kid Yoga Instructor, Meditation & Relaxation Trainer, Loveyourbelly Trainer

Dance and sport have always been part of my life. Then I went to the first yoga class and stayed there. Years have passed since, and the initial exercise has become a lifestyle. Yoga for me is an exciting inner journey to the fullest knowledge of myself.

Brigitta Gáti

Spine Yoga

After yoga classes I often heard other yoga practitioners say that they did not wanted to do yoga. I was in the same situation, my boyfriend wanted to try yoga to use the stretches for his fighting sport (martial arts) improvement. I just accompanied him and we both stay at the yoga mat. (yes, men do yoga too ;) J ) While you read this you may think ok, ok i have read hundreds of this type of texts but why i should try yoga. For example if you sit in front of your pc all day etc. I advice you to try yoga. If you just come for the stretches it is more than most of the people does for themself.